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Keeping Health, and Safety In Mind

Barkin’ Good Bubbles is an organic, non-toxic, plant-based bubble solution. Developed by biologists, our bacon-scented formula has been skillfully constructed with safety and health in mind. Manufactured in the USA using premium ingredients.

Cats love our bubbles too!

Our catnip-infused bubbles combine the irresistible allure of high-quality, organic catnip with the instinctual drive of cats as natural hunters. This potent combination ensures that your feline friend will be irresistibly drawn to the bubbles, satisfying their primal urges for chasing, pouncing, and batting.

  • Plant Based

  • Paraben Free

  • USA Based

About the Bros

Our hyperactive, high-energy bubble-obsessed German Shepherd, Yonah, fell ill after playing with cheap, toxic bubbles. To keep her both safe and happy, my brother, and I developed Barkin’ Good Bubbles. We are a USA-based company that wants to share our dog’s favorite way to play with all other good doggos.