Barkin' Good Bubbles

Why is the solution not clear?

We use only plant-based, all-natural ingredients. This leads to a discoloration of the solution.

Is it normal for my dog to have a soapy mouth?

Yes, soap may build up in and around the mouth, as is expected when playing with bubbles. We recommend using a towel to clean your dog during and after playtime.

Flavored or scented?

We only use natural, veterinarian produced scents. Although it is safe in small quantities, swallowing large amounts of any surfactant will cause digestive issues. We believe that adding flavor would encourage swallowing.

Purrin' Good Bubbles

Dose your catnip have any additives?

No, we use 100% catnip. We do not add any aromatics that are pleasing to us humans but can be irritating to cats, like other brands.

How often should you use catnip?

For most cats, the effects and behaviors associated with catnip will last around 10–15 minutes. Once the catnip has worn off, it may take around 30 minutes to an hour for your cat to respond to it again.


Bubble blowing tips (Yes you can be a better bubble blower.)

Bubbles form differently depending on climate factors such as temperature, humidity, and pressure. Blow at different speeds and distances from your mouth until you find the most optimal blow pattern. For best results, make sure the bubble solution is at room temperature.

How we play bubbles with Yonah.

If there is no gentle breeze to carry the bubbles, we like to start at the top of a hill and walk down it while blowing. Yonah loves to run and jump down the hill, trying to reach the highest floating bubble. Afterwards, we clean her mouth with a towel.