About us

In 2019, the Kotter family added a new member to the family, Yonah. This hurricane of a puppy seemed to have infinite energy. No amount of walking, tug of war, or fetch would give her the mental stimulation she needed. After trying every option on the market, the playful notion of bubble-blowing unexpectedly popped into our minds. Little did we know how our dog's new favorite way to play would change our lives.

Christian Kotter

Christian is a biologist who graduated from BYU in 2022. He is currently working on getting his doctorate at Life University. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors by hiking, fishing, and kayaking. With his knowledge of animal health and well-being, he formulated an all-natural plant-based bubble solution. That is safe for everyone to use.

Jacob Kotter

Jacob Kotter is an entrepreneur who runs several businesses. When he is not busy with business, he seeks out Earth's treasures with his hobbies of gold prospecting and rock hounding. He takes charge of the day-to-day operations as well as graphic design.


Yonah is our 4-year-old bubble-obsessed German Shepherd. After falling ill from using other bubble brands, she was worried that she'd never enjoy her bubble bliss again. Now she enjoys playing bubbles every day without worrying about her safety. When she's not bubble-busting, she takes naps, annoys the cat, or asks for chicken off your plate.

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